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Baby Owls Peek Out Of Burrow After Rains

Burrowing Owls After Rains

Windy Gap Trail to Mount Islip

Lang Lang: Play From The Heart

Choral Genius Morton Lauridsen

Birds Flock To Salton Sea After Rains



Bristlecone Forest

Big Bear Trails

The Gift

Pacific Crest Trail

Columbia River Gorge & Portland

Acadia National Park

Autumn in Maine

Niagara Falls

Carey's Castle Joshua Tree

Amish Country

Bob Dylan

Joshua Tree Snow

Carrizo Plain

Wild Irises

Melting Glaciers

Yosemite Floods

Joshua Tree Archaeology


Petrified Forest

Blue Whale..Largest Animal on Earth

Tall Ships

Morongo Colors

Restoring the Los Angeles River

Hawaii's Big Island

Joshua Tree At Night

Volcanic Eruptions

Great Ocean Road Victoria

Misty Morning Colorado

Autumn in Colorado

Golden Elk Colorado

Rocky Mountains

Ladybug Hibernation

Nature's Chapel

Fall 'n Snow

Above Disney Hall LA

Wild Bighorn Sheep Eating Barrel Cactus

Foggy Day in San Gabriels

Old Dale Road Joshua Tree

Frosted Oak Leaves


In The Heart Of Palm Springs

Natural Ice Forms

Flash Floods In The Desert

Anza Borrego Winter Superbloom

Pacific Crest Trail Snow Hike

Coachella Preserve Sand Dunes

Whitewater Canyon

Anza Borrego Superbloom

Desert Lily Oasis

California Blizzard

Painted Canyon Mecca Hills

Snow Flowers Diamond Valley

Rare "Elephant Trees" Anza Borrego

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